Monday, March 6, 2017

Song of the Week: Evil Is As Evil Does

I first heard this song on SiriusXM's BB King's Bluesville station. Apocalypse Blues Revue is a band consisting of the former drummer and guitarist from Godsmack (Shannon Larkin and Tony Rombola), plus a bassist and frontman. While writing for Godsmack's 2010 album, Larkin and Rombola were burned out by hard rock and took to jamming in their South Florida rehearsal spot. During one impromptu session, the drummer laid down a slow, simmering groove, and another side of the guitar player reared its head. "I couldn't believe it," smiles Shannon. "I didn't even know he was into blues or could play the way he does. My reaction was immediate. We had to officially start a blues band.”

The self-titled debut album is a mix of grinding blues, traditional shuffle, and others. At certain times, I could detect the influence of Jim Morrison and The Doors in the vocals. Overall, it's a solid debut, but there are definitely two songs that stand above the rest. This week's song "Evil Is As Evil Does" is one of those songs, and the first of theirs I heard.

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