Friday, November 15, 2013

My Life According to Books: 2013

While looking through some old blog posts, I saw a fun one "My Life as Books: 2011".  I'm a little behind the times, but it looks like Jen and Pop Culture Nerd are at it again.  Here is my life in Books 2013:

My to-do list looks like: Dead Letters (Chris F. Holm)

If a peeping Tom peeked into my bedroom, he'd: (be) Sleepless (Charlie Huston)

If Martians meet me, they'd think: Point and Shoot (Duane Swierczynski)

My doctor is always telling me: Rework

The weirdest thing that happened this past week: (was when I was) Riding the Rap (Elmore Leonard)

I often daydream about: John Adams (David McCullough)

The government shutdown makes me: The Forgotten Man (Robert Crais)

If I win the lottery, I’d: (worry it was) Black Money (Ross Macdonald)

My superpower is: Righteous Indignation (Andrew Breitbart)

I knew I was a book lover when: (the clock struck) The Gentlemen's Hour (Don Winslow)

My blogging experience has been: The Unmaking of a Mayor (William F. Buckley, Jr)

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