Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terriers: Pimp Daddy

Terriers knocked it out of the park again this week.  It didn't have huge moments like some of the earlier eps, but it was a nice, quiet episode with lots of "real" moments.

Like last week, Hank and Britt spend most of the episode apart, sharing only two scenes that I can remember.  Unlike last week, the show had more of its standard pacing instead of the breakneck speed we saw with the Britt in Mexico storyline.  This show seems to be at its best when moving at a slower pace.

With Hank still on the DL (that's disabled list, for you non sports fans), Britt takes up a case on his own. the nephew of Hank's physical therapist was robbed and Britt offers to look into it.  Turns out the kid hired a hooker who took his money and split before "completing her end of the transaction".  Michaela, the hooker, explains to Britt a very good reason why she ran away.  Later on, Michaela tracks down Britt and hires him to help find the killer of a friend of hers.

Hank is supposed to be resting, but he gets a call from their lawyer, Maggie, telling him she got a hit on the name he was running a background check on.  Turns out Gretchen's fiance changed his name about 20 years ago.  When he was a teenager, his parents were accused of molesting children at a daycare center they ran.  While Jason, the fiance, was never implicated, there were always rumors and suggestions.  Hank confronts Jason, who offers no explanation, then goes to Gretchen.  Jason had already told her of his past and she is resentful of Hank butting his nose in and disinvites him to the wedding.

The script is credited to Shawn Ryan and Kelly Wheeler, and it's a good one.  The standalone story is compelling and very nicely done (especially loved the resolution with Britt and Michaela going to see the murdered friend's parents).  We see Britt finally getting up the nerve to propose to Katie.  We see Hank still struggling with Gretchen's remarriage.

And once again, Terriers is not afraid to show our heroes performing less than heroic acts.  Earlier in the season, Hank forges a signature on his mortgage application about 30 seconds after his client commits suicide.   Hank is hurt that Gretchen doesn't see his heart was in the right place telling her about the molestation charges against Jason and lashes out with "I'm glad we weren't able to have kids."  Ouch.

There are four episodes left and it looks like we're getting Gretchen's wedding and a return of the Montague story next week.  I'm still hopeful to get a second season, but the show's ratings haven't improved.  Watch it and tell your friends, your family, and your pets to do the same.

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