Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justified: The Collection

This week we get more hints of the serialized aspect, but spend most of the time in our standalone story.  Raylan goes with Art to claim a rich criminal's property.  Rich guy then gets bumped off (awesome way to go to commercial) by his trophy wife and stablehand.  There's also a subplot about forged/non-forged paintings.

The murdered criminal was one of the least interesting weekly plots yet.  Though there was a nice moment at the end when Raylan realizes his quest to put his father in jail is a near parallel to the quest of guest star Robert Picardo (I won't spoil the nice reveal at the end of the episode).

Serialized aspects?  Raylan asks Boyd (Walton Goggins) to get some dirt to help him put Arlo away.  Always nice to see Goggins back in the picture.  He and Olyphant have some good chemistry.  Raylan relays the Crowders' threat from last week to Ava.  We meet the DA who is investigating Raylan's justified shootings.  Raylan's ex-wife Winona asks him to run some names and is shocked when they all come back clean (I wonder where this subplot is going).

I don't want Justified to become another mythology heavy, serialized show, but so far those seem to be the strongest aspects of the series.  They booked some great guest stars, so the writers just now have to give the story-of-the-week aspects a little more meat.

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