Monday, January 25, 2010

Film Noir Week in Review

Saturday was the end of Leonard Maltin's Film Noir week. It started off with a bang, then tapered off as the week went on. There is no arguing that The Big Sleep, Laura, and Double Indemnity belong on the list. I am quite shocked by a couple omissions (hope they show up later in the year).

If I were putting the list together, I'd drop Mullholland Dr. and put The Maltese Falcon in its place. I haven't seen Blood and Wine, but I'd drop it to add the stellar Out of the Past starring Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas.

Anybody have suggestions of other noirs that should've been showcased?

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WellesFan said...

Out of the Past and Maltese are great choices. But if Maltin wanted to have at least one flick made after 1960, he could've used Chinatown or LA Confidential.