Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Shield: Moving Day

Vic without a badge is a scary thing. He doesn't have the juice he used to, but can still get results by being a brutal so-and-so. Shane and Mara are on the run; swapping cars and laying low until the weekend when the president will be in town. Since their fight had to be sped up after Shane's part in Ronnie's attempted murder was uncovered, Mara forgets Jackson's medicine. Having a sick kid makes them easier for Vic to track.

Meanwhile, Claudette ties Ronnie to his desk, disbands the Strike Team, and puts Julian back on the street with Tina. She wants to know why Shane tried to kill Ronnie, but Ronnie stonewalls her. After a few more threats, Ronnie spills (some of) the beans. He tells Claudette that Shane was involved with the Armenians (true). That he stole a grenade from a raid and killed Lem (true). Ronnie and Vic found out about it, but didn't have evidence to prove it in court (true). He still covers for Vic and himself, but gives Claudette enough to keep him in action without dragging the whole sordid tale out into the open.

On the other fronts, Aceveda is berated by Pezuela in front of his Mexican cartel handler (guest star Francesco Quinn, son of Anthony). As ICE's go-to guy now that Vic is out of the picture, Aceveda is emboldened in a meeting with Olivia and demands credit for any bust and that ICE doesn't treat his mayoral campaign as a chip in their game. Dutch deals with the mother of the kid he suspects is a serial killer and Billings gets a visit from his ex-wife.

Not as high octane as last week, but another solid episode propelling the plot forward to its conclusion ion 4 weeks. Vic is back in "kill everyone" mode and Ronnie is the voice of reason for wanting to spare Shane and Mara's kids. It appears Corinne is now on the side of wanting to bring her husband to justice for all his misdeeds. Shane appears to have a plan, but you can't help but feel it's going to backfire in a violent way.

Next week can't some soon enough.

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