Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Shield: Game Face

Vic and crew are dealing with the fallout that their new ICE contact is in Pezuela's blackmail box. At the same time, Agent Murray (the ICE contact) brings the guys a case. The daughter of one of the drug lords she's trying to get close to has been kidnapped. The gang have to rescue her without letting on they're cops.

Kleavon Gardner, a serial killer Dutch and Claudette arrested last season, is back and is acting as his own attorney. He wants to take a deposition from Claudette and tries to bring out the fact that she has Lupus. This forces the DA to make a deal and take the death penalty off the table.

Dutch is back on serial killer hunt again with the teenage boy from last week. He still feels the kid has the makings of a serial killer, so he brings in a consultant. The consultant isn't sure the kid is a killer, but he feels something is definitely off. Dutch then turns to Kleavon who says the kid is a killer. Is Kleavon telling the truth? Or is he just telling Dutch what he wants to hear?

Shane has his heart-to-heart with Ronnie and tells him they can end the Armenian threat if Vic just gives up the blackmail box. Ronnie then goes to Vic. Instead of playing Vic, he comes straight at him saying it was Shane's idea, but it makes sense. Vic, ever trusting of Ronnie, tells him that he doesn't have the box anymore. Aceveda took it away.

Another great episode this season. It didn't focus much on the overriding arc, but it didn't feel like a one-off distraction like week 2.

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