Friday, March 23, 2007

Raines: Week 2

I watched Raines and Andy Barker again last night. I didn't like Barker as much as the first week. The fat guy running in slow-mo was pretty funny and so were Simon's lame-ass attempts to pick up Nicole. But overall, the murder was a bit pedestrian and it wasn't all that funny.

Raines, on the other hand, I enjoyed immensely. It brought a little more humor in than they had the first week, which I enjoyed. Madeline Stowe's psychiatrist seems to be a good foil for Raines because she sees through his crap and doesn't take it. I did figure out the mystery a bit before the end, but the tie-up still worked for me.

One bit of unintended humor in Raines: one scene where Officer Michelle Lance, played by Linda Park, translates some Spanish spoken by the victim's wife. Park played communications officer Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise, who knew many languages.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Raines: Week 1

Last night I watched the premier of Raines. It is rare when a pilot blows me away, and Raines was no exception. It seemed wrapped up in the premise instead of the case Jeff Goldblum had to solve. That being said, it wasn't bad at all. If the series continues to combine the same type of humor as the last scene with Raines and his partner Charlie with the overall tone of the piece, it should continue to get better and better each week.

A bonus to eagle eyed Boomtown fans was a cameo by Bobby "Fearless" Smith as the detective who found the dead private detective. It's good to see creator Graham Yost give a hat tip to his brilliant but canceled TV series.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Raines (2006)

For some reason I'm getting really excited about next Thursday's premiere of Raines. Jeff Goldblum is always entertaining and one of the writers is Graham Yost, the man behind one of the greatest TV shows ever: Boomtown. NBC has put some good previews on their site. One of my favorites is here. Preview One sets up the story. Preview two actually had me laugh out loud.

I'll be watching!