Friday, December 8, 2017

MST3k Friday: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

Good news, everyone! If you missed the announcement on Thanksgiving, the return of MST3k was given a second season by Netflix. I couldn't be more happy. The new season is a great successor to the original series and I hope it introduces a new generation of fans to riffing.

One of the movies in the most recent season was another Christmas stinker like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Santa Claus. It's called The Christmas That Almost Wasn't. In this story, some rich guy who hates Christmas bought up all the land in the North Pole and is forcing Santa to pay rent. Santa can't pay the rent and is in danger of being evicted on Christmas Eve. He enlists the help of a hapless lawyer to talk some sense into the rich guy whose name is Thaddeus T. Prune. Yes, this movie is about Santa suing his landlord.

Here's a song (un-riffed) from the movie to show you how truly awful it is.

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