Thursday, January 19, 2017

Red Right Hand by, Chris Holm

The man staggered into the lobby of the Albuquerque field office shortly after three a.m.

I've been lax in my book reviews lately, so let's see if I can get back into the swing of it. Red Right Hand is the sequel to Holm's prior book, The Killing Kind.  Both feature protagonist Michael Hendricks, a former soldier who is now a hit man of hit men. If Hendricks finds out there's a bounty on your head, he'll kindly inform you and offer to take care of the hitter - for ten times the contract price. In Kind, a shadowy conglomerate of mob bosses finds out about Hendricks and puts a bounty on his head. Chaos ensues.

We pick up Red Right Hand not too long after the events of Kind. Hendricks is now on a mission to take down the syndicate that tried to kill him in the first book. In the meantime, after a terrorist attacks the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, FPI Charlie Thompson notices a long thought dead federal witness in one of the eyewitness videos. Her bosses don't want her to pursue the witness, so she gets in touch with the only man she trusts to keep him safe:  Michael Hendricks.

As with his other books, Holm does an outstanding job describing the action sequences, but the core of the story is the relationship between his characters. Hendricks is more of a loner than in the first book, but his relationship with his new teammate envisions a new level of humanity for the damaged ex-soldier. The geography of San Francisco is presented well, too. I had many flashbacks of my recent trip there.

As with Holm's other books, this one comes recommended.

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