Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins

Woo Hoo!  The Penguins have won this year's Stanley Cup!

I'm typically not one to blame the coaches for failure, but it was obvious that Mike Johnston wasn't a fit for this team. The move to replace him with Mike Sullivan and trade for guys like Trevor Daley and Carl Hagelin was probably what turned this year around. In 12th place in the league and out of the playoffs at Christmas, the Penguins were the best team in the league in the second half of the season.  Crosby came alive and Letang started scoring like he can, but it was a full effort by everyone on the team that made this team as good as it was.

The Rangers tried to beat them with hitting, but the Penguins skated circles around them and chased Henrik Lundquist before the halfway point of two games.

The Capitals tried to out-skill Pittsburgh, but they proved no match to Pittsburgh's resiliency.

The Lightning tried to match speed with speed and almost pulled it off, but came up short in a Game 7.

The Sharks had an improbable run of their own; almost as bad as Pittsburgh in the first half and almost as good in the second half. They pull out some gritty wins in their playoff series, but couldn't match Pittsburgh in the Finals.

Congrats to the team, the coaches, and the GM for a great 2016.

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