Monday, January 6, 2014

Song of the Week: Amoreena

Over the Christmas and New Year's break, I watched Dog Day Afternoon. It's a fantastic, gripping movie with great performances by Al Pacino (before he became a parody of himself) and Charles Durning.

There is no soundtrack to the movie, no score, no nothing except Elton John's "Amoreena" playing over the opening credits. The credits (which I suggest you watch here) set the mood of the movie by showing exactly how New York City looked in the 1970's; it's a drab, dirty, depressing place full of crime and poverty. This is the pre-Giuliani and pre-Koch New York. There are some people who complain that New York is now "Disneyfied", but I doubt anyone would want to return to the bankrupt city of the mid-1970's.

While New York was low, Elton John was at or near the height of his creative output. The song "Amoreena" is a great example of how good Elton can be. Here is Elton John with "Amoreena":

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