Monday, September 17, 2012

Song of the Week: Sense

This week's band looks to be another one-off like Silvertide.  Tenpenny Joke is/was an Australian band formed in 1997, released a good album in 2005, and announced a brief hiatus in touring in 2010.  I stumbled across this song over the summer and immediately had to seek these guys out.  I couldn't put my finger on one band to describe their sound.  They have bits of Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Sponge, and then there is their own unique sound - something I've only heard in the handful of other Australian bands I've heard.

Favorite songs are "Sense" (embedded below) and "She".  The interesting thing is they're not even representative of the overall sound of their album.  Most of their tracks are available on YouTube, so if you dig their sound, I recommend listening to the others.

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