Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hidden Treasures: Titus Welliver

Should I call this actor a Hidden Treasure?  Over the past 20 years Titus Welliver has appeared in nearly 100 movies and television shows, but I wonder how many people know his name.  His face, sure.  He's been in LOST, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, NYPD Blue, and a lot of other high-profile television shows.  He also had a pivotal role in the movie Gone Baby Gone.  But perhaps he is most well known for his role as Silas Adams on Deadwood.

HBO's western, Deadwood, is the latest series I'm watching as part of my Great TV Catch-Up project.  Over the past couple years I caught up with a number of shows people have called "The Best TV Show ever", including The Shield, The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.  Currently I'm in Deadwood with Battlestar Galactica probably on deck.

Welliver is known primarily as a dramatic actor, so it was a pleasant and fun surprise to come across a clip of him on the Deadwood DVDs doing impressions.  He is spot on and completely hilarious.  Here he is playing different A-List actors auditioning for the role of Al Swerengen. You've got Pacino, Christopher Walken, Robert Duvall, and Robert DeNiro.

Even better is this clip where Welliver does Al Pacino at different times in his career.  It's uncanny.  Most people do the current Al "Hoo-Hah" Pacino well, but who can do all three this well?

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