Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Presidents' Club

For political junkies, this kind of thing is like catnip.  The President's Club is the story of how the former chief executives of the US interact with each other and with the sitting President.  I saw an interview with authors Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy last week and the book sounds like it's filled with scores of interesting anecdotes.  Dwight Eisenhower telling LBJ to push through Kennedy's agenda?  Bill Clinton and Bush 43 becoming best of friends?  Those sound highly unlikely, but Gibbs and Duffy show exactly how and why these things happened.  And, of course, nobody in the fraternity seems to like Jimmy Carter.

Given the diverse backgrounds and interests of the men who served as President, you realize that the only club that would have all of them as members would be the one they formed themselves.

As with all the best interviews, this one makes me want to read the book.

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