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Great American Ballpark Tour 2010: The Wrap-Up

The Great American Ballpark Tour continued this year. After going on trips in odd numbered years, we decided not to take 2010 off. Starting in 2005, my brother and I have gone to as many baseball games in as many cities as we can in a single week. 2005 was Mets, Yankees, Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. 2007 was Pittsburgh, Cleveland, a minor league game in Columbus, and Cincinnati. 2009 was White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Cubs, and Milwaukee Brewers. 2010 was the new Mets and Yankee Stadiums, plus Fenway Park in Boston and Rogers Centre in Toronto.

As is tradition (though it looks like we skipped last year), here's the after action report for this year's installment of the Great American Ballpark Tour.

1) Best Park:
Me: Fenway. No doubt. New Yankee Stadium is impressive and they did a good job with CitiField. But sitting in the bleachers at Fenway I got a "holy crap! I'm actually here" vibe that was awesome. Grandstands had no legroom, but center field seats for game 2 were fine.
Dave: Fenway Park, despite the serious lack of leg room. I was pleasantly surprised with CitiField too.

2) Best Fans:
Dave: Outfield seats game #2 in Fenway.
Me: Fenway fans in general. Any time a popular song came on the loudspeaker, everyone sang along with it.

3) Best Individual fan:
Dave: I'd have to go with the guy heckling Oliver Perez at the Mets game
Me: Heckling guy was fun. That game also featured a couple (grown up) fans talking about how awesome Teddy Grahams were. Who else? Crazy grampa from Fenway's center field? Nobody as cool as the Sawx guys from year 1, though.

4) Best Park food:
Me: I had a pretzel in every park and a hot dog in every one except Toronto. Pretzel - Yankee Stadium. Hot dog - Fenway. The BBQ Chicken Nachos in Toronto are a must try, as is the 3 Brewers restaurant (next to Hard Rock)
Dave: I want to say the nachos at Rogers Centre were the best ballpark food, but they were too spicy for my mouth. Nothing else sticks out in memory. Favorite restaurant was probably 3 Brewers in Toronto.

5) Best Game:
Dave: Tough call between the two games in Toronto. The first game was insane fun because of the amount of runs scored, home runs, and the debut of J.P Arencibia (we've seen 4 of his 5 career hits). But game 2 in Toronto was 8 2/3 innings of no hit baseball that they still could have LOST because of two runners on in the 9th.
Me: I'd go with a Toronto game, too. The first three were blowouts with the home team losing. Game 2 in Fenway was fun. But 9 homers (8 by Toronto) in one game and a near no-hitter with 17 K's in the next are just outstanding. Brendan Morrow put on the finest pitching performance I've ever seen.


8/1/10 Mets 1, Arizona Diamondbacks 14
8/2/10 Yankees 2, Toronto Blue Jays 8
8/4/10 Boston Red Sox 1, Cleveland Indians 9
8/5/10 Boston Red Sox 6, Cleveland Indians 2
8/7/10 Toronto Blue Jays 17, Tampa Bay Rays 11
8/8/10 Toronto Blue Jays 1, Tampa Bay Rays 0

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