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Great American Ballpark Tour 2007: The Wrap-Up

Just like last time, here’s the wrap up from both my brother and myself for the week. And just like last time, there’s not much disagreement

1) Best park:
Me: We decided to not include Pittsburgh, because we’ve been there before and we’re kinda biased since we’re Pittsburgh fans. I’m going with Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Great setting, easy access, good overall feel. It’s now up there in my top 3 parks with Pittsburgh and Philly.
Dave: I really liked Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. While both Great American Ballpark and the The Jake are in the new ballpark style, I think what put GAB over the top was the view past the outfield. I must admit, though, that I thought "Great American Ballpark" was being hyperbolic; I didn't realize it was named after an insurance company.

2) Best fans:
Dave: the fan interactions between Indians and Red Sox fans were probably the most intense, but I'm going to go with the fans in the Cincy/Cubs game who stuck it out through the storm showers. Great game too.
Me: Sox fans. We weren’t even in Boston and they had such a huge presence in Cleveland. In game one, they clearly outnumbered the Indians fans. Game two had a lot of Sox chants that the Indians fans tried to boo down.

3) Best individual fan:
Dave: Kid in Columbus who called every player by his first name
Me: I’d have to go with the minor league kid too. The fans were more noticeable as a group than individual like last time (Boston guys, Jabba and the girls).

4) Best Place to Eat:
Dave: Donato's Pizza. If you're looking for something specifically ballpark, I'd go with the brats in Columbus.
Me: I really thought Dave was going to go with Skyline Chili and the Mt. Everest of Cheese. There was some great food. Cleveland had Hometown Heroes (right across from the ballpark). Columbus had O’Charley’s. I really should’ve taken a picture of my lunch there. It was a chicken and shrimp jambalaya served over penne pasta. Tasty and gorgeous. But, I’m going with Donato’s too. Man, that Founder’s Favorite was awesome.

5) Best game:
Me: I’m torn. There were some really good games. The two games in Cincy stand out for me. Probably because they were both back and forth and won at the last possible second. If you like pitching, Dice-K vs C.C. Sabathia is your game. But, I’m more of a National League guy. I’m going with the only day game: Cincinnati vs Milwaukee.
Dave: Cincinnati-Milwaukee game. Griffey's 588th HR in the first inning winning some guy free pizza for a year, back-and-forth game, and free baseball ended by a walk-off hit from the home team.

7/20/07 Pittsburgh Pirates 2, Houston Astros 1
7/21/07 Pittsburgh Pirates 7, Houston Astros 3
7/23/07 Cleveland Indians 2, Boston Red Sox 6
7/24/07 Cleveland Indians 0, Boston Red Sox 1
7/25/07 Columbus Clippers vs Indianapolis Indians (minor league)
7/26/07 Cincinnati Reds 6, Milwaukee Brewers 5
7/27/07 Cincinnati Reds 5, Chicago Cubs 4

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