Friday, March 30, 2012

Great American Ballpark Tour 2005: The Wrap-Up

As I mentioned earlier this week, I wanted to do a post with impressions from our ballpark trip. Here they are:

1) Best ballpark:
Me: Camden Yards. Philly is nice, but the atmosphere in Baltimore is unbelievable. From the fans to the seats and the ticket prices everything in Baltimore was top notch. Where else in the country do they serve crab cakes at a baseball game? Yankee Stadium was probably my least favorite.
Dave: Camden Yards. All of the stadiums were decent, though Yankee Stadium was definitely the most frustrating. As far as facilities go, the new Citizens Bank Park is quality, but I can see it not aging well, like Shea, due to its location. Camden Yards will still be quality 30 years from now.

2) Best fans:
Dave: Yankee fans. Partisan and completely into it. Nationals fans a surprising runner-up.
Me: Baltimore. I didn’t get the “into it” feeling at Yankee Stadium that my brother got. They only really woke up in the latter innings when the Yankees were making a run at it. I picked Baltimore because they were in it from the get go. It was dark and rainy all day (and during the game), but the game was a sellout and everyone showed up. The fans were rocking all game long and there were loud chant battles between “Let’s go Orioles” and “Let’s go Red Sox.”

3) Best individual fan:
Me: The two Boston guys behind us for the second game at RFK. Sounded like they were on a tour of their own. They were absolutely hilarious. They ripped on the Mets fans a couple rows in front of us for getting too excited about the simplest plays (and the team being .500). They also brought attention to the fact that many failed Sox first basemen were in the game (Jose Offerman, Brian Daubach, Doug Mientkiewicz, “Wilfredo” Cordero). Jabba, Pirates guy, and the chicks are second.
Dave: Can't beat the Sawks guys who were also in the midst of a ballpark tour. Special mention to the Phillies fans two rows in front of us (Pirates guy, Jabba the Hut, and his women) for contributions to the lexicon of this trip: Nationals' shortshop Jamey "Petey" Carroll and of course Pat Burrell --"assume the position!!!"

4) Best game:
Dave: Nationals-Mets game 1. Loazia vs Pedro. Both starters pitch a gem. Loaiza takes a shutout into the ninth, where the Mets plate two and get the go-ahead runner to 3rd before Chad Cordero can finally close the door.
Me: Tough choice. Nationals-Mets 1 had some nice plays and some real excitement at the end. Orioles-Red Sox had some fantastic plays despite the driving rain. Philadelphia’s attempted comebacks in the Philly-Nationals game were exciting. I’ll go with the first Nationals-Mets game as well.

Sorry there wasn’t more controversy in our choices. Overall, it was an awesome trip and both of us already looking to see what stadiums we want to hit next year.

Until next time!

Posted on the old blog 7/30/2005.

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