Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great American Ballpark Tour 2005: Game 5

>We left early and drove to Baltimore. Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic on The Beltway and it took us about two and a half hours to get to the park (which is about 52 miles from Dave's place). So, for the first time we missed the opening pitch. We also didn't get our free Baltimore Orioles cap. :( It just started to rain when we got to the park, so they let the players play for a while. That was good because the game was a surprising sellout of 47,389! Daniel Cabrera pitched five rocky innings for Baltimore but allowed only one run on three hits (while walking 5 and throwing 2 wild pitches). One of those wild pitches lead to Boston's only run of the game. Then in the bottom of that inning, Eli Marrero led off with a home run to the left field seats. Two batters later Melvin Mora hit a solo shot of his own to right field to put the O's up 2-1. At this point, the rain was coming down quite heavily, so the grounds crew started changing the bases and adding dry sand to the field between every inning. Sosa hit an RBI single in the 6th inning, and that was about it. After the top of the 7th, the officials decided to stop the game on account of the rain. Dave and I waited about an hour then left. Shortly after we left, the game was called and the Orioles won it in 6 ½ innings by a score of 3-1. Despite being a short game, it was good. Two home runs and some nice defensive plays by both teams. The pitchers worked very quickly, so the game had a nice pace to it too.

Camden Yards is an awesome ballpark. I didn't get much of a chance to explore it last night, but it may be my second favorite park in the majors. PNC Park in Pittsburgh is very similar to Camden. The thing that gives PNC the edge is the view. In Camden, you see a big brick warehouse if you look over right field. It gives it a very old school feeling. However, Pittsburgh has a view of downtown from every seat in the house. That's probably an advantage from building your stadium across the river from your city instead of right in the middle of it.

Final score: Orioles 3, Red Sox 1

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