Monday, February 27, 2012

Song of the Week: Devil's Daughter

Silvertide was a band from Philadelphia, PA.  They had a pretty good local following and got some airtime on WMMR (generally on Jaxon's Local Shots).  In 2004, they released a full-length album called Show & Tell.  The band then went on tour, but eventually cancelled some dates with a vague message that implied they had returned to the studio.  In 2006, their lead guitarist left to join Shinedown.  Officially, the band still existed, but was pretty much running on fumes.  They officially dissolved in 2010.

Their music was a mix of classic rock and southern rock.  Show & Tell was a solid album that should've gotten more play than it did.  This week, we feature the first song of theirs I heard:  "Devil's Daughter".

A couple other songs I really liked were "California Rain" and the ballad "Nothing Stays".

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