Monday, January 17, 2011

Song of the Week: Mono to Stereo

I'm sure this happens in every decade, but I remember a lot of songs from the '90's that got huge and the band was never heard from again.  Recently, I've been hearing one of these songs all over the place.  In 1998, the song "The Way" by Austin-based band Fastball was everywhere.  Starting last year, I heard it again at restaurants and stores.  It reminded me how much I liked the song, but I never bought the album.  I checked them out, and Fastball is a great band.  "The Way" comes from their 1998 album "All the Pain Money Can Buy", which on the whole is a great album.  Along with "The Way", the standouts are "Fire Escape", "Sooner or Later", and "Outta My Head".  The followup album "The Harsh Light of Day" has some great tracks ("You're an Ocean" is my fave), but the whole album isn't as good as its predecessor.

The band took some time off in the mid-2000's and returned to form in 2009 with "Little White Lies".  The whole album is stellar, but my favorite songs are "The Malcontent" and "She's Got the Rain".  This week's song is the fifth track "Mono to Stereo".  I hadn't listened to the album in a couple months, but I woke up one Saturday morning with this little ditty in my head.

One of the great things about Fastball is there are very few (if any) bands out there that have a similar sound. I recommend both "All the Pain Money Can Buy" and "Little White Lies" to anyone who wants to hear some great music.

Mono to Stereo:

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