Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terriers: Asunder

"I need a drink, more than ever in my life." -Britt
"I don't." -Hank

Like the last two installments, Hank and Britt are apart for the majority of the episode. But, like last week's "Pimp Daddy", this worked. Last week, Hank got himself disinvited to Gretchen's wedding, but Britt and Katie still went. There's tension between the two of them because Britt found a pregnancy test, but Katie hasn't said anything about it because she's not sure it's his kid. She eventually admits it and tells Britt why she didn't tell him sooner. Britt is obviously devastated and breaks up with Katie on the spot. I can only imagine what his reaction will be once he finds out that Hank knew.

Speaking of Hank, he's having a hard time keeping it together on Gretchen's wedding day. He's super tempted to break his 543 days of sobriety (which is something I was worried about at the close of last week's ep). He goes as far as ordering a scotch in the hotel bar where Gretchen's wedding is being held. Before he indulges, he goes to the bathroom to splash some water on his face (a suggestion from his sponsor). While in the can, he overhears Ben Zeitlin plotting a new nefarious deed. Spurred to action, Hank forgets his drink, bugs Zeitlin's suite, and rescues a reporter in the process. His actions, however, have put him back on Zeitlin's radar.

Turns out the Montague project wasn't part of a Max Bialystock scam (I didn't think that was likely, but it would've been fun), but more of a Chinatown-style land grab. Zeitlin had one of his clerks file paperwork to form a corporation that's bought up a lot of Ocean Beach land. Faking contaminated soil at the Montague site was nothing more than a way to drop the sale price and get the acreage for a song.

Terriers continues to bring it week in and week out. We've seamlessly hooked back into the larger story arc which will probably continue to the end of the season. Great performances all around. You really felt Britt's heartbreak when Katie came clean about her odd behavior. Katie was clearly in a lot of pain and wanted to do anything to take her actions back. Hank's need for a drink was palpable, and I was certainly relieved when he found a case to distract him on the day he needed it most.

I heard that the numbers ticked up a bit last week. It might not be enough to save it, but we'll keep trying. Keep Hulu-ing, DVR-ing, and talking about the show. Every little bit helps!

Update:  I almost forgot.  There was a nice write-up of Terriers on yesterday by Matt Roush.  Check it out here:  link.

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