Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Novel Story

I haven't posted any book reviews in a while.  Not because I haven't been reading, but because it took me a while to get through the last book.  I'm not going to mention the book by title, but I'd like to talk about it a bit.

I'd read a short story or two by the author, listened to some of his podcasts, and thought I'd give the book a read.  There was nothing "wrong" with it per se.  The writing was fine.  The plot wasn't overly cliched.  When I sat down to read it, I could tear through 40-50 pages in no time flat.  But I rarely wanted to sit down and read.  It just didn't grab me.

The hero is tasked by his agency to clean up a crime scene; removing all evidence they were ever there.  Roughly 60 pages later "someone" comes after our hero - the first time he's actually in danger himself.  The blurbs promised lots of spy action, but he spends the majority of his time hopping trains and cabs trying to shake a tail that may or may not be there.  The main villain of the story is unmasked 50 pages from the end, and the motivation for his actions seem a bit far-fetched.

Like I said, the writing was fine.  There weren't any clunky sentences or bad grammar.  But there wasn't anything particularly memorable either.  The spycraft was accurate, but in thrillers, the writer needs to take some liberties to make things more exciting.

There are just too many good books out there to read, so I probably won't be reading another from this author.  Hopefully my next book will be a more satisfying read.

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