Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stalking the Angel by, Robert Crais

Bradley Warren had lost something very valuable, something that belonged to someone else: a rare thirteenth century Japanese manuscript called the Hagakure. Everything PI Elvis Cole knew about Japanese culture he’d learned from reading Shogun, but he knew a lot of crooks and what he didn’t know, his sidekick Joe Pike did. Together their search begins in LA’s Little Tokyo at the nest of the notorious Japanese mafia, and leads to a white knuckled adventure filled with madness, murder and sexual obsession just another day’s work for Elvis Cole.

The second book in Crais's Elvis Cole series is a fairly standard PI novel.  Cole is hired by a wealthy businessman, gets obsessed with the case, gets fired, and goes on to solve everything for himself.  He wisecracks his way through things, annoying his employers and the cops.  As this is an early book in the series, you can see Crais knows how to put Cole through the paces, but hasn't begun to dig deeper yet.

Not as fun as The Monkey's Raincoat (the first Cole) nor as good as LA Requiem (the first Cole I read).  If you're a fan of Crais or a completest like me, go ahead and read it.  If you haven't read any Crais yet, don't make this your first read of his.

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