Monday, August 30, 2010

Until Gwen, by Dennis Lehane

Late last week I read a couple of the "Conversations with the Bookless" series at BSC Review.  One of the authors (I forget which one, sorry) mentioned that a favorite short story of his was "Until Gwen" by Dennis Lehane.  Since I enjoyed A Drink Before the War and was looking for a timewaster, I set about to track down this story. It appeared in The Atlantic a couple years ago and also in a couple fiction anthologies.

Luckily, one if the anthologies is available for preview over at Google Books and the entire story is included in the preview.  Do yourself a favor and go read the story.  It's a good one.

Then head over and read an interview The Atlantic did with Lehane. It's very insightful and extremely engaging.

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WellesFan said...

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!