Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dawn Patrol, by Don Winslow

Boone Daniels would like nothing better than just to surf for the rest of his life.  Like everyone else he needs cash, so he works (as little as possible) as a PI.  He's hired by a San Diego law firm to search for a missing witness in an arson investigation.  He takes the case reluctantly because it comes on the eve of the biggest set of waves to hit the California shores in a generation.  Naturally, the case turns out to be more complicated than initially thought, and Boone gets dragged into a web of strip clubs, drug dealers, and human trafficers.

Why didn't I read this book sooner?  Boone and his surfing buddies "The Dawn Patrol" are all fascinating characters who I want to spend more time with.  Don Winslow created a fun world with tons of San Diego history and told it with a voice that most writers would kill for.  It hits most of the well-worn points of a PI novel, but the characters and voice are so great, it feels fresh and new.

I finished the novel in three days.  It grabbed me like a strong undertow, sucked me under the waves, and battered me against a submerged reef.  Go and read this book, stat.

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