Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Justified: Bulletville

Last night brought the close to season one of “Justified”. It was a great finale, but didn’t feel too much like a finale. I guess that goes along with the understated tone of Elmore Leonard’s work.

Let’s go through the main plot points of the episode. Bo gets mad at Boyd for destroying his ephedrine shipment. Bo kills Boyd’s flock. Boyd starts to question his newfound faith. Wynonna and her husband have split up. Miami is mad at Bo for losing the shipment. Bo convinces Arlo to kill Raylan in order to appease Miami. Raylan thwarts Arlo’s attempt. Raylan almost single-handedly wipes out Bo’s entire crew. Boyd aligns himself with Raylan.

Lots of stuff. Lots of good stuff. One of the big questions about Boyd this season was about his jailhouse conversion. Walton Goggins did a good job of playing it down the middle where you didn’t know if the conversion was real or Boyd was just using it as an angle (much like his white-supremacist angle in the pilot). This episode shows that it in fact was real, but in losing his flock, Boyd may have lost his way.

Raylan was back to his badass form from the first couple episodes. He gets the drop on just about everyone and proves that his father is the most despicable piece of trash of all time. There was a great moment after the confrontation where Arlo calls him “son” (like he did all season) and Raylan says “don’t call me that.” Timothy Olyphant’s delivery of that line was just perfect.

There were conclusions to a lot of the ongoing threads, but stuff was left open for next year. Will Boyd and Raylan stay on the same side? Will Raylan and Wynonna get back together? What about Raylan and Ava? And you know Miami can’t be too happy with Raylan a) being alive and b) taking out even more of their crew.

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