Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Justified: The Hammer

Another really good episode last night.  More strong serialized elements with Raylan trying to get Boyd back behind bars.  A reappearance of Doug E. Doug as the preacher/pot dealer (and, this time, lawnscaper) Fandy/Otis whose church Boyd blew up in the pilot.

And a good standalone story.  I'm a huge fan of Stephen Root going back to his days as Jimmy James in Newsradio.  His performance here as a judge Mike “The Hammer” Reardon was outstanding.  He had fun with the goofy, overblown elements of the character, but also played the smaller moments well (like when he thanked Raylan for stopping him from killing his stalker/assailant).  Of course, I couldn't help but think of another hard-nosed Elmore Leonard judge:  Maximum Bob.

Lots of good lines in this one too.  One of my particular favorites is when Raylan is tracking down Otis and starts breaking stuff in the drug paraphernalia store.  "You can tell me where Fandy is, or I can continue to be hilariously clumsy in your store."

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