Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Justified: The Lord of War and Thunder

Another solid episode from "Justified". This one dealt more with the serialized aspects of the show than the standalone bad guy of the week format. Sure, there was a BGotW (a guy who may or may not be hiding out at his wife's), but that storyline was used more for comic relief. Raylan offering to do yard work for food was a great element.

The meat of the story dealt with Raylan's relationship with his father (guest star Raymond J. Barry, pictured above). Raylan gets a call from his stepmother asking him to bail out his father. Raylan reluctantly does so and we get a glimpse of the strained relationship between the two of them. By the episode's end, we see that there was an ulterior motive for calling Raylan, one with double and triple crosses that are the hallmark of Elmore Leonard's writing.

We also get a reminder of how big the Crowder family is, setting up (what I hope is) Walton Goggins's return next week as Boyd Crowder.

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