Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justified: Fixer

As the "rookie" of the team (he has 17 years of experience with the marshals), Raylan is handed the reigns to local snitch Arnold Pinter. He provides Raylan intel on where to find an escaped convict named Tiny. After apprehending Tiny, Raylan goes back to Pinter to give him the reward money. Pinter isn't there and something about the setup makes Raylan's neck hairs stand up. With good reason too, as Pinter's leg breaker Curtis and one of his clients, Travis Travers, have teamed up to take all of Pinter's cash.

One thing I'm not sure of. Early in the episode, Pinter is seen as sort of a hazing ritual for newbies in the marshal's office. It's not clear to me why. Pinter seemed like an intelligent guy and he and Raylan got along well together.

The bad guys in this one were fun. Travis was dumb, but trying to be smart (like most Leonard villains). Curtis got taken down because he was distracted while trying to be cool.

Overall, I don't know about this one. It wasn't as tense as the pilot and it wasn't as funny as the second. The villains were better than "Riverbrook" and we're starting to get hints of the larger world (Raylan falling for Ava's charms and references to his father).

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Cormac Brown said...

To be honest, Travis and Curtis were just warmed-up Elmore leftovers. They were both good at times, but at other times they didn't quite have the necessary prsence. At other times, the script seemed to let them down.

Arnold seemed to be the only one of the three that was worth watching.