Friday, December 19, 2008

Life (2007)

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned the show Life on this blog yet. It - and Chuck - were my favorite new shows of last year's TV season.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) was a LAPD cop sentenced to life in prison for killing his business partner and his partner's wife. After 15 years behind bars, Crews gets exonerated, gets reinstated on the force, and gets a multimillion dollar settlement from the city. Armed with a new Zen attitude and a new partner, Crews splits his time between solving crimes and tracking down those who framed him for murder.

Charlie's Zen attitude provides a lot of humor to the show as well as a unique spin on the classic brilliant detective role. His partner Danni Reese (Sarah Shahi) is assigned to him as they are both outcasts (he's an ex-con and she's a recovering alcoholic). She eventually learns to trust him and accept his unique methods.

The show has changed a bit in the second season (more acceptance for the team, a new captain), but it remains one of the better shows on TV. There is an overarching mythology to the show (Crews's search for the conspirators), but it is not so overwhelming as to turn off new viewers.

Unfortunately, it is now on break until February, but I highly recommend you check it out.


Cormac Brown said...

I remember that I liked the pilot, though this got lost the last television season with the writer's strike. I hope it survives NBC's Leno experiment.

StephenD said...

Me too. I don't think the ratings have been stellar, but it did warrant a full season pick-up for this year.