Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm saddened by the loss of Paul Newman on Saturday. He was a good actor and an old-school movie star. I watched Road to Perdition in his honor, and was finally able to get a copy of Harper. I'd wanted to see Harper for a while since it was based on a Ross Macdonald book and stars Newman and Lauren Bacall (one of my favorite actresses). However, I didn't get the chance to when I realized that The Simpsons and Family Guy had their season premieres last night.

I thought the Simpsons premiere was pretty good. It's still an example of the formula the show has fallen into recently (open with a silly plot that's forgotten after the first commercial break). I liked the homages to classic cop movies. I was able to spot Bullit and The French Connection. Anyone see any others? The appearence by Robert Forster as a bailbondsman was nice. Wonder if his name was Max Cherry? :)

Also glad to have The Unit back, but not with the new timeslot. Sundays at 10 seems like a death slot. Glad to see Benito Martinez (The Shield's David Aceveda) in a guest spot as the President Elect. He's not the first Shield actor to guest on Shawn Ryan's other show and probably not the last. I've spotted Rebecca Pidgeon (David Mamet's wife) as the Colonel's wife and Abby Brammell plays the wife of a Unit member. Eagle-eyed fans will remember her as the prostitute Aceveda frequented while working through his issues after his rape.

Looks like Harper will have to wait until the weekend as most other TV shows return this week. Definitley going to watch Chuck and the return of Life (both NBC) tonight. If you havent' seen Life, you should check it out tonight or in its new timeslot at 10PM on Friday.


Cormac Brown said...

I really enjoyed the only "Simpson's" episode I've watched in the past three years, the send-up of "The Departed."

StephenD said...

Ooo....that's a good one. They had it on again the other week, so I made sure I watched it.