Monday, September 15, 2008

Nationals Park

As I previously mentioned, I was away Labor Day weekend. My brother informed me that the Phillies would be in town to play the Washington Nationals for a day game on Labor Day. I decided to pick up on his hint and traveled down to D.C.. Over the past couple years, I've seen a number of games in different major league stadiums. I'd seen three (or maybe four) games in RFK, but hadn't gotten a chance to see the new park since it opened this year.

Nationals Park is another beauty. It is in the newer style inspired by Camden Yards. Good seats, good views, lots of conveniently located places to eat. Our seats were on the upper level between home and first. I think you might be able to see the Washington Monument from right field, but I'm not 100% on that. You could see it from one of the walkways on our way to the seats, so that's why I'm guessing you could see it from the park. It looks like the area is starting to be revitalized by the addition of the stadium (at least based on all the construction) which was part of the idea of building it by the Navy Yard.

Too bad the Phillies lost because they're not making much headway in their drive to the playoffs. Here are some pics.

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