Friday, August 1, 2008

Hidden Treasures: Chimney Rock

This is the beginning of what I hope is a regular feature on my blog. Every now and then, I'm going to talk about something (a restaurant, a band, a museum, etc) that is great but doesn't get a lot of recognition. I was planning to start with a great little restaurant in Madison, NJ, but I haven't been there in a while and would like to refresh my memory before I write about it.

The first installment is about the restaurant Chimney Rock Inn. I had never heard of Chimney Rock until I moved to Basking Ridge - even though I didn't live that far away before. But everyone in this area of New Jersey talks about it all the time. I have been to both the Gillette and Bridgewater locations, and they're both great.

For a first timer, I recommend getting one of their famous thin crust pizzas. They have the standard toppings for your pizza, the usual specialties (Margherita, White, etc) and their own specialties. The last time I got a pizza, I tried their Three Alarm pizza - pepperoni, onion, and sliced hot peppers. Yes, I do have a cast iron stomach!

Their marinara sauce is great too. I've had both the lasagna and chicken parmesan, and can whole heartedly recommend both. They supposedly have good burgers too, so I many have to check one out next time I'm there.

Chimney Rock also has private rooms for big parties. A friend of mine got married a year and a half ago in Indianapolis. Needless to say, not everyone from New Jersey could make it to the ceremony. So two months after the wedding, they had a big pseudo-reception at Chimney Rock in Gillette for the New Jersey friends and family. They had a little bit of everything: salads, small pizzas for appetizers, and family style pasta for the main course.

So if you're looking for a good place for dinner, come to Chimney Rock. And give me a buzz if you want....I'm ready to go any time!

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