Thursday, October 4, 2007

Come Back Brimstone!

Because of this conversation with Gerald, I decided to check out Reaper (more on that another time). I also combed the imdb message boards for the late lamented Brimstone. For anyone who doesn't know, Brimstone was a late-90's TV show about a cop who made a deal with the devil to return 113 escaped souls to Hell in exchange for a second chance at life. Since it's been nearly 10 years since its cancellation and the fact that I found all the episodes online, I've pretty much gotten over my anger/sadness about its cancellation. Then I find a post about the possible episodes that would've been filmed if the show hadn't been canceled. ARRRRRGH!!

ep 14) RIVALS
Shut down a mere three hours into production, episode 14 pitted Stone with two dilemmas: an escaped damned Soul who is killing illegal immigrants and a beautiful kick-ass damned woman, late of the Irish Republican Army, who the Devil has brought back in order to test Stone. The Deal? Whoever sends this week's Damned Soul to Hell FIRST gets to stay on Earth and hunt the down the rest of the 113 - whoever fails gets a one-way ticket back to Eternal Damnation! Zeke wins, but not before getting somewhat PHYSICALLY involved with the IRA woman, who proves to be almost his match in every way, shape & form.
An episode with a BACKWARDS structure. A Reporter shows up on the scene just in time to witness Zeke sending a Damned Soul back to Hell, then tracks the story BACKWARDS in his attempt to find Stone and find out what's up...
ep 16) ANGEL
Stone tracks down what he THINKS is a Damned Soul, but turns out instead to be a Rogue Angel bored with heaven, desperate to taste everything life has to offer -- including Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and murder! Stone has to figure out how to trick the bad Angel into going back to Heaven -- with a little help from someone who ain't the Devil and prompts the Devil into yelling at the Heaven's: "He's working for me, not you!" Also in this episode, a mysterious woman shows up and starts asking questions about Zeke Stone -- it's ROSALYN!
Stone tracks another Damned Soul, but this time the Devil shows up and wants to tag along on Stone's investigation! This one's personal for ole' Lucifer, 'cause this is the one guy who never broke, the one guy who never begged for mercy, who did his time in Hell defiantly, always telling the Devil to F-off. Who is this tough-as-nails Damned Soul? None other than a meek, mild-mannered CLERK who looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly! Lots of darkly comic antics with Stone showing the Devil how to be a detective, etc. Also more on Roz tracking down the husband she was sure was dead... until now.
Stone tracks down a Damned Soul who turns out to be none other than one of his relatives, a beloved Uncle from Stone's childhood who claims that he was innocent, that Somebody Up There made a mistake! Stone embarks on a bizarre quest -- not to hunt down this week's Damned Soul -- but to try to clear him and find the real bad guy...
The Season Finale. Maxine finds out that Stone's birthday is coming up and tries to throw a party for her loneliest hotel guest. Problem is she can't find any friends or relatives, except those that claim Zeke Stone has been dead for 15 years! Plus the return of ASH, the return of Zeke's CAT and a stunning cliff-hanger: Max brings a a special, surprise guest to Zeke's Birthday Party -- a guest whose arrival was to serve as our season-ending finale -- his wife, ROZ!

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